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Do you believe a person can contribute towards building civilization if he/ she is not profound at his/ her general knowledge and current affairs? The answer will definitely be a big ‘NO’! Without a common knowledge of events occurring in the day – to – day life, we can hardly feel connected to rest of the world. We cannot survive in this social world if we are solitary and lead bothered about the happenings around us.

Current affairs generally comprises of information which really helps us in our day- to- day life such as news, information, awareness and comprehension. This field also comes with the coverage of all major events which give the idea of all the major economic and social changes in the society. Apart from the academic knowledge, students also need to have a basic knowledge of current happenings around them.

General knowledge is not only a crucial platform for networking with people around us but it is also a gigantic sea of exposure and resources.

It cannot be attained overnight! It needs thorough preparation using some useful resources. The world is a huge hub of information and the need of the hour is we need to keep yourself updated with the information from every corner of the world.

In the earlier times, people hardly used to get an opportunity of staying updated with the latest of information. But with the ever increasing influence of mass media and social media, people are way ahead in terms of staying updated with the current affairs.

Our note- worthy test series with some outstanding content will provide you the correct rostrum to make this happen! We provide you test series which offer you questions from some of the prominent sections asked in the current affairs segment.

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  • • Marvellous questions scripted by the best of authors
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