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however is an appropriate answer


DIRECTION: In the following questions, for the following passage, some of the words are missing. Read the passages carefully and choose the correct answer to each questions out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks.

In a bid to improve sustainable last-mile connectivity, MMRDA will provide bicycle and e-scooter ranks and e-autorickshaws stands under some Metro stations. “You can come out, use _(A)_ app to unlock an e-scooter and drive _(B)_ your office/residential area and park at a _(C)_ designated stand,” said MMRDA chief R A Rajeev. MYBYI is a bike-sharing app and payment will be _(D)_ their wallet system. Around 50 bikes can be placed at each Metro station. The fares have not been finalised yet, though the rumours are that it may be Rs 9 for the first hour and Re 1 for every additional hour. _(E)_, if a commuter takes it to office in the morning and returns in the evening, he/she will have to pay only Rs 16.

Select the correct answer for the blank _(E)_.








By the way


Ans: (c) So.

Explanation: A sentence cannot be introduced by the option (a). The mentioned sentence is not contradictory to its previous one – rules out the option (b). As the sentence with the blank follows the same aspects as its previous one, option (d) is also ruled out. Option (d) is not appropriate when followed by the the ‘if’clause. Hence, only the option (c) remains. The correct sentence would be, ‘So if a commuter takes it to office in the morning and returns in the evening, he/she will have to pay only Rs 16.’